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These are my adventures as I try to create a Florida Friendly garden. It's a lot of trial and error, but I'm having fun with the process. Our garden is designed to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, bees and of course our regular Florida birds and wildlife. Thanks for dropping by, I hope you get some ideas for your own garden here!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

At last! Spring in our Garden.

Spring has sprung....

It's officially Spring, and I thought it would never get here.  I'm relieved to put our Florida freezes behind us and look forward to spending some quality time in our garden.  I just ran outside to get this picture of the sun setting on the first day of spring.  The photo shows the new garden bed I just created last week.  These tiny new plants should grow fast and fill in the space nicely.  Altogether I planted (or transplanted) over 120 plants in the last two weeks.  Most of those were annuals that I found at the garden center reduced to .50 for a 6-pack.  I bought as many as I thought I could save.

Can Easter be far behind...?

Just in time for spring, this little bunny hopped into our garden to remind me that Easter is right around the corner, and that tomorrow I need to climb into the attic to get down our giant plastic Easter eggs to decorate the garden.  They are a bit on the tacky side I guess, but the children in the neighborhood love them and so do my little nieces and grandson.  I just planted these red kalanchoe plants around the bird bath last week, they are one of my favorite plants.

A little help from a friend...

Nope, this isn't a rose tree, it's a hibiscus tree that lost all its leaves in the winter freezes.  Our glorious Louis Philippe antique rose bush is blooming with abundance and generously reached out to its naked neighbor with a gesture of kindness.  The hibiscus tree is coming back, with little green leaves sprouting all over its branches.  There's just nothing like a little help from a friend to get you through the hard times.


  1. Gardendipity, I am so glad I checked out your blog, you are so lucky to have so many animals that visit your gardens. Your new plants will grow very fast once it warms up. Are you going to be a Greenfest next Saturday? It is fun to meet everyone. Janice

  2. Thanks Janis! We try our best to make our garden attractive to wildlife.

    I will be at Greenfest and will attend The Dirt's presentation. I'm looking forward to meeting you! Thanks for the comment.


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